Dance Etc... Inc - Middleton MA

D.E.P.T. Competition

D.E.P.T Competitive Dance Group

Our competitive dance group, affectionately called D.E.P.T. (Dance Etc. Performance Troupe), provides an opportunity for your child to take her/his love of dance to a higher level by performing with our competition team.  D.E.P.T. travels throughout the Northeast, attending dance competitions and conventions throughout the year. As the many trophies and plaques which adorn the studio will attest, our D.E.P.T. teams have earned impressive honors over the years. Perhaps even more important, our students learn how to work together as a team, gaining confidence in themselves as they learn to value each other.

In addition to participating in competitions, D.E.P.T. members also attend conferences and workshops, learning new techniques and gaining new skills from outside professionals. 

Being a part of D.E.P.T. is a very fun and rewarding experience. In addition to competing and attending conferences, D.E.P.T. also performs at local events such as the Topsfield Fair, Pumpkin Festival, & Middleton Gets Moving. They also have a tradition of going on a Christmas Tour each December, bringing their talent and warmth to seniors around the community.